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Anioma Georgia Chapter 
Welcome Address

Welcome to Anioma Georgia Chapter's official website as you navigate the website, feel free to check out upcoming Events about our Association such as Scholarships, Medical missions, and other Projects from the home page and all relevant information. The Anioma Association Georgia Chapter is a 501C(3) Non-profit Organization registered in the State of Georgia and it is the official home site of Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika, and Oshimili Local Government Area of Delta State indigenes living in the State of Georgia USA.


Our website serves to inform and educate the general public about Anioma Culture and Heritage in Delta State, Nigeria, and also about the various project we embark on as an Association for the upliftment of the less privileged in our communities in Nigeria and the state of Georgia such as the Outreach programs in Atlanta, the Medical Missions in Anioma land in Delta State as well as the Scholarship program.


We are currently waxing stronger in a membership drive and we encourage and welcome all Anioma indigenes in the Atlanta Metro area to join hands with us and rise to the Challenges and contribute to our main objective of creating a strong and vibrant Association that will be able to help each other and contribute to the development of Anioma land.


As you go through our charitable programs that the Association embarks upon to help the less privileged in our Society both here in the State of Georgia and in Anioma land in Delta State Nigeria, please feel free to donate towards these programs as your donations are tax deductible and will be well accounted for the project.


For more information about the Anioma Georgia Chapter, you can reach us via email at or complete the Contact information form on our home page.



Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.


Dr. Kpamioseh Ogbechie – President Anioma Association Georgia Chapter

Anioma: A Brief History

Anioma, commonly referred to as Delta Ibo, are a subgroup of the Ibo comprising towns and communities located in Delta State, South-South region of Nigeria. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa is the current Executive Governor of the State from Agbor in Ika Local Government Area of Anioma Land. The Anioma people for administration purposes are referred to as Delta North thus contrasting the Delta Central and Delta South densely inhabited by the Urhobo, Ijaw, Itsekiri, and Isoko, the other ethnic groups inhabiting the State. The Anioma region has a total population of 1,114,055. The population figure quoted here does not include those of Anioma communities located outside Delta State. These include Ukwani, Enu-ani, Ika (Agbor), and Aboh.

A small Ika population can be found in neighboring Edo State specifically in Igbanke, Oza and Ekpon. The term Anioma is an acronym derived from the four original local governments i.e. (A) for Aniocha, (N) for Ndokwa, (I) for Ika, (O) for Oshimili, M and A are common denominators found in the four original local governments. The coinage was made by the founding father, Chief Dennis Osadebay in 1951 and has since remained the preferred indigenous name by which the people collectively refer to themselves. Thus, A-N-I-O-M-A. Sentimentally, there are also Anioma people in Anambra State i.e. Onitsha, Ogbaru, Oba, Akwukwu Obosi, Ozobulu, Oraifite. Some are in Imo State i.e. Oguta, Rivers State i.e. Ndoni, Ogba. Anioma people who had one destiny prior to the coming of the Europeans were balkanized after they lost the Ekumeku War of resistance against the British imperialism in 1914 after 31 years of fighting.

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